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Airtel launches Extra Talk-time offers in Mumbai Circle with unlimited validity

Airtel has launched Extra talk-time offers for its prepaid customers in Mumbai circle. The extra talk-time offers will be available on RC575, 786 & 1050; users can enjoy extra value in their main account with unlimited validity.

Details of Airtel Mumbai Extra Talk-time plans:

MRP: 575
Talk-time: 625
Validity: Unlimited

MRP: 786
Talk-time: 861
Validity: Unlimited

MRP: 1050
Talk-time: 1250
Validity: Unlimited

Airtel launches new GPRS internet plan on RC149

Airtel has launched a new Prepaid GPRS “unlimited internet plan” for its prepaid users across India. On recharge of Rs.149 customers can enjoy unlimited 2G data under fair policy usages up-to 2GB for 30 days.

Details of new Airtel unlimited internet offer:

MRP: 149
Benefits: Free 2G data usages up-to 2GB
Validity: 30 days

Please note that the price of the Unlimited Internet pack may vary from circle to circle. So, need to confirm the recharge amount in your circle.

Airtel Introduces STD offer RC35 in Andhra Pradesh– Enjoy STD calls at 1p/2sec

Airtel has introduced STD offer RC35 only for its prepaid customers in Andhra Pradesh. With this new RC, Airtel users can enjoy STD calls at 1p/2sec for 30 days.

Details of Airtel STD offer:

MRP: 35
Benefits: STD calls @ 1p/2sec
Validity: 30 days

Airtel Launches Ramzan Special prepaid Offer RC786 & Gulf calling pack RC21 for Andhra Pradesh circle

On the auspicious occasion of Ramzan, Airtel has launched a special Prepaid Voucher ‘786’ for its prepaid users in Andhra Pradesh circle. On recharge of Rs.786 customers can enjoy talk time of Rs.800 in their main account balance.
The Gulf calling pack of Rs.21, Airtel prepaid users can enjoy international calls to Gulf Countries at 11p/Sec for 30 days.

Details of new Airtel Ramzan offer:

MRP: 786
Talk-time: 800
Benefits: Extra talk-time in main account balance
Validity: unlimited

MRP: 21
Benefits: ISD Calls to Gulf Countries at 11p/Sec
Validity: 30 days

Airtel Launches new “Data Pack-499” for 3G Data Usage in all circles

Airtel has launched new 3G data pack of Rs.499 for its new prepaid customers across India. With this new data pack, Airtel users can enjoy 4GB data on 3G networks which is valid for 90 days.

Details of New Airtel 3G data pack:

MRP: Rs. 499
3G Data Benefits: 4GB
Validity: 90 days

Please note: This pack is applicable only for new prepaid 3G Data Card customers and in Airtel 3G circles.

Airtel Launches “Mobile Internet Data Pack-151” for 2G and 3G Data Usage in Andhra Pradesh

Airtel has launched new 2G and 3G data pack Rs.151 for its prepaid customers in Andhra Pradesh. With this new data pack, Airtel users can enjoy 500 MB data on 2G and 500 MB data on 3G networks which is valid for 30 days.

Details of New Airtel 2G and 3G data pack:

For Andhra Pradesh Circle:
MRP: Rs. 151
2G Data Benefits: 500MB
3G Data Benefits: 500MB
Validity: 30 days

Airtel presents new SMS pack in Himachal Pradesh- Get 6000 Loc/STD SMS in just RC 77

Airtel has come up with a new sms pack for its prepaid Himachal Pradesh subscribers. With this pack, customers can enjoy 6000 loc/STD SMS valid for 30 days.

Detail of Airtel SMS pack:

Benefits: 6000 loc/STD SMS(200 SMS a day)
Validity: 30 Days

Airtel ‘Get More than Full Talk Time on Friday’ Offer For Mumbai Circle

Airtel, the largest mobile service provider has presented a unique offer to its Mumbai prepaid customers. This new offer is ‘Get More than Full Talk Time on Friday’ by which the customers will enjoy Extra Talk-Time.

Airtel Offers Easy Roaming- Enjoy All calls @ 1.5 Paisa Per Second

Airtel, India’s most popular telecom operator is offering per second scheme to its prepaid mobile customers in roaming. With this plan, customers can enjoy call rates in roaming at just 1.5 paisa per second. These Airtel roaming tarrifs varies from circle to circle.

Airtel Presents Roaming Packs for Kolkata, Odisha & West Bengal Customers- Enjoy Roaming local/STD calls at 1.5p/second

Airtel presents roaming packs for Kolkata, Odisha & West Bengal prepaid airtel customers. Customer can enjoy roaming local/STD calls at 1.5p/sec valid for 180 days.

Details of roaming packs:

For Kolkata airtel customers:
MRP: Rs. 25
Roaming calls: 1.5p/sec
Validity: 180 Days

For West Bengal airtel customers:
MRP: Rs. 37
Roaming calls: 1.5p/sec
Validity: 180 Days

For Odisha airtel customers:
MRP: Rs. 28
Roaming calls: 1.5p/sec
Validity: 180 Days