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China Unicom iPhones Launch in China

China Unicom, the 2nd largest mobile operator in China is going to launch iPhones in China. On 30th Oct, the China Unicom 3GS iPhones will be available in the market. China Unicom already has 3G iPhones in the market.

Customers can get these 3G and 3GS iPhones with a 2 year contract with china Unicom as the service provider while without contract option is also available. However the price of 3GS iPhones is not revealed, but it will be more than the price of 3G iPhones which is 732$. With its advanced features, these iPhones will make a good foothold in the market. Now let us see how much will the China Unicom iphone cost. If Cheaper, hopefully we can get it from across the border or maybe from a cousin staying across the border! But it is hardly ever the case that an Operator branded phone turns out to be cheap!!


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