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Sony Ericsson brand New Phones : Satio, Aino, Yari

Sony Ericsson one of the best mobile manufacturers has launched new mobiles phones in Indian market. With its advance features, these stylish phones will make its place in the market very soon.
Sony Ericsson has introduced the Satio, the Aino and the Yari.

Sony Ericsson is known for its quality display, sound, games and applications. With the launch of these phones Sony Ericsson tries to satisfy most of needs of the customer at a very reasonable price.
Details of new phones are as follows:
The Satio: The Satio is a very beautiful and stylish phone. With its 3.5 inch screen and 12.1 mega pixel camera, the Satio is a good multimedia phone. The Satio has 3.5 inch screen and supports Series 60 V 5 Symbian operating system and microSD cards upto 32 GB. Customers can get the Satio for Rs.35, 950 only.

The Aino: The Aino is a kind of phone which will be liked by gaming lovers and video lovers. The Aino allows to access videos photos and TV shows. With The Aino customers can get the material stored in Play station 3 from all over the world. The Aino also has a 8 mega pixel camera in it. Customers can get the Aino for Rs. 28,950 only.
The Yari: Last but not the least, The Yari, third model of Sony Ericsson. The Yari is also specially designed for game lovers. With Yari users need not touch the phone to play the game. This interesting feature makes it unique and attractive. The phone also contains 5 mega pixel camera in it. Customers can get this phone for Rs. 16,950 only from Sony Ericsson store.



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