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Telecom Operators Say New Client Norm is a Barrier in Development Telcom Industry in India

According to New Client Norms as per GOI, if a customer taking a new mobile connection, now operators have to send the details of SIM card and a personal identification numbers separately to the customers. The same process which is followed by the banks during delivery of credit and debit cards.

But mobile companies are taking this as a hurdle in the growth of the Indian Telecom Industry - the fastest growing telecommunication business in the world. As per the operators, millions of SIM cards have been sold by the distributors on monthly basis so this proposal will only increase the costs of purchasing a SIM card for customers and for phone companies.

Moreover the telecom ministry in consultation with the home ministry on Tuesday evening already asked all mobile phone companies to re-verify the documents of the 700-million cellular connections in the country.

This proposal also mentioned that if the customer has changed their addresses, and not communicating the same to their operator, then their connections must be cancelled.

According to norms “The point of sale being very important in the process of subscriber verification, the licensee shall ensure that the same is manned by either the licensee or any person authorized by licensee who is well aware of his responsibilities and consequent liabilities. The licensee shall be fully responsible for any failure in subscriber verification at the point of sale,”

A copy of the DoT’s draft norms has been sent to all telecom companies on Tuesday by ET. This draft norms is presently exist in J&K and it will be now followed in the North East for all new customers.

But if these new rules are implemented, all new customer will not be able to provide electricity bills, caste/domicile certificates, photo-IDs attested by MPs/MLAs and Group A officers and student IDs from recognised institutions to buy new cellphone connections.



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