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Idea Launches GSM Service in Meghalaya

Idea Cellular Pvt Limited has expanded its operations in the North East by starting Idea GSM 2.75G EDGE services in Meghalaya

Idea Prepaid December Offer for Orissa- Reduced Tariff Rates for Idea Seconds Plan and All Local Idea Calls @30p

Idea Prepaid is offering special reduced tariff rates to its prepaid users in Orissa for all activations in the month of December 2009. Idea Prepaid Users can choose Seconds Plan and All Local Idea Calls @30p tariff plans and enjoy calls at 1 paisa per 2 seconds or 30 paisa per minute tariff rate for one year.

Idea Postpaid Delhi Ek Se Badh Kar Ek Offer - Idea Economy 199 Plus, Idea Super Value 199

Idea Postpaid has introduced special ‘Ek Se Badh Kar Ek’ offer for its users in Delhi Circle. Idea Postpaid Economy 199 Plus and Super Value 199 are the new plans for Idea postpaid users in Delhi. Now Idea Postpaid Subsrcibers in Delhi can pick what works best for them.

Idea Introduces New Range of Blackberry Handsets- 8820, 8100, 8700, 8300 & 9000 Bold

Idea has introduced new range of Blackberry handsets in the market. Idea new Blackberry handsets include 8820, 8100, 8700, 8300 and 9000 Bold.

Idea Presents Special STVs for Kolkata Prepaid Users- 1000 Free Minutes & 1 Paisa Per 2 Seconds Tariff Rate

Idea Cellular has introduced a new STV for its prepaid users in Kolkata. With Idea’s new STVs users can avail 1000 free minutes and also users can make calls at 1 paisa per 2 seconds tariff rates.

Idea Introduces New Idea Netsetter- Hi Speed Internet Service on the Go

Idea has launched a new Idea Netsetter broadband service for hi-speed internet. Idea Netsetter is a plug and play internet service for mobiles laptops and desktops.

Idea Launches Ghoomar Seconds Plan for Rajasthan

Idea cellular has launched a new Ghoomar Seconds plan for its users in Rajasthan. Now all existing as well as new Idea users can avail the benefits of Ghoomar Seconds plan in Rajasthan. With Ghoomar Seconds plan make calls at 1 paisa per second tariff rates to any network in the country and from anywhere in the country.

Idea Introduces Ghoomar Josh Plan in Rajasthan

Idea cellular has introduced a new Ghoomar Josh plan for its new as well as existing users. With Ghoomar Josh plan, users can make all calls at 50 paisa per minute tariff rates to any network in the country.

Idea Reduces Roaming Rates Upto 55% & Introduces Roaming Vouchers for Delhi Circle

Idea Cellular has reduced the roaming rates for its users in Delhi circle. Now Delhi users can enjoy roaming calls upto 55% reduced roaming rates. With Roaming Vouchers: Roaming Voucher 56 and Roaming Voucher 57, users can make roaming calls at 70 paisa per minute or 1.4 paisa per second tariff rate.

Idea Offers Value Vouchers and Conversation plans for Prepaid Users in Kolkata

Idea users in Kolkata can now convert their present plan into per minute or per second tariff plan. Users can also use Value Vouchers to reduce tariff rates.