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Idea Launches New ‘Bulk Minutes Packs’ In Orissa Circle- Enjoy Local/National Minutes Free

Idea has launched new ‘Bulk Minutes Packs’ for its prepaid customers in Orissa circle. Now on recharge of Rs.96, 146,196 & 396 Idea customers can enjoy Local/National minutes free with 30 days validity.

Details of Idea New Bulk Minutes Packs:-

MRP: 96

Benefits: 150 Local/National minutes Free

Validity: 30 days

MRP: 146

Benefits: 250 Local/National minutes Free

Validity: 30 days


Benefits: 300 Local/National minutes Free

Validity: 30 days


Benefits: 600 Local/National minutes Free

Validity: 30 days

Idea Launches New ‘SMS Pack’ On Rs.91 In Assam & North East Circles- Enjoy Local & National SMS Free

Idea has launched new ‘SMS Pack’ for its prepaid customers in Assam & North East circles. With this new latest SMS pack Idea customers can enjoy local & National SMS free for 90 days validity.

Details of Idea New ‘SMS Pack’:-

MRP: 91

Benefits: Get 1234 Local + National SMS Free

Validity: 90 days

Idea Introduces New ‘Roaming Pack’ On Rs.71 In Gujarat Circle: Offering Incoming Calls Free While On Roaming

Idea has introduced new ‘Roaming Pack’ for its prepaid customers in Gujarat circle. With Rc 71 Idea customers will be able to receive incoming calls free and outgoing calls at 1.5p/sec while on roaming with 30 days validity.

Details of Idea ‘Roaming Pack’:-

MRP: 71

Benefits: Roaming Incoming calls Free and Outgoing (local + STD) calls @ 1.5p/sec

Validity: 30 days

Idea Announces ‘Magic SMS’ pack in Kolkata & West Bengal circles-Enjoy Surprise sms between 333 to 999

Idea has announced magic sms pack for its prepaid customers in Kolkata & West Bangal circles.With STVs 32 idea customers can get surprise local/national sms between 333 to 999 for 30 days validity.

Details of Idea SMS pack in Kolkata & West Bengal:

MRP: 32
Benefits: Get Surprise Local/ National SMS between 333 to 999
Validity: 30 days

Idea Introduces New 2G Data Packs in Tamil Nadu & Chennai Circles

Idea has introduces new 2G data packs for its prepaid customers in Tamil Nadu & Chennai circle which are offering more data.With these recharges, Idea customers can enjoy free data usages up to 2GB at very reasonable price.

Details of Idea Tamil Nadu & Chennai 2G data packs:

MRP: 125
Benefits: 1GB Data usage
Validity: 30 Days

MRP: 199
Benefits: 2GB Data usage
Validity: 30 Days

Idea launches Unlimited Local pack in Delhi & NCR circle - Enjoy local Idea calls free

Idea has launched new unlimited local pack on RC297 for its prepaid customers in Delhi & NCR circle. On this recharge, Idea prepaid customers can enjoy unlimited local Idea calls free and also get 10 Local Minutes daily for calling on other numbers for 30 days.

Details of Idea unlimited LOCAL pack:

MRP: 297
Benefits: Unlimited Local Idea Calls & Free 10 Local Other Mobile Mints/day
Validity: 30 days

Idea exclusively launches GPRS plans in Punjab- enjoy free data up-to 2GB

Idea has launched new six GPRS plans for its prepaid customers in Punjab circle. All Idea prepaid customers can enjoy free data up-to 2GB at very reasonable prices.

Details of new Idea GPRS plans:

MRP: 21
Benefits: 350MB
Other benefits: Data can be used on mobile & pc
Validity: 4 days

MRP: 29
Benefits: 500MB
Other benefits: Data can be used on mobile & pc
Validity: 7 days

MRP: 37
Benefits: Unlimited free data During Night Only (11PM to 6AM)
Other benefits: Data can be used on mobile & pc
Validity: 7 days

MRP: 60
Benefits: 500MB

IDEA exclusively offers ‘Magic Recharge’ in Andhra Predesh- Get Surprise talk time b/w Rs.51 to Rs.100 on RC60

Idea has offered ‘Magic Recharge’ of amount Rs. 60 for its prepaid customers in Andhra Pradesh. With this recharge, Idea users can get Surprise talk-time between Rs.51 to Rs.100 with unlimited validity.

Details of New Idea ‘Magic Recharge’:

MRP: Rs. 60
Talk-time: between Rs.51 to Rs.100
Validity: Unlimited

IDEA exclusively launches new STV28 in Uttar Pradesh (w) & Uttrakhand- Enjoy own net local calls at 10p/min

IDEA has launched new RC worth Rs.28 for its prepaid customers in Uttar Pradesh–West and Uttrakhand circles. With the latest Plan, customers can enjoy own net local calls @ 10p/min. This call rate will be available at 10pm and 5pm for 30 days.

Detail of IDEA Uttar Pradesh–West and Uttrakhand plan:
MRP: Rs. 28
Benefits: own net local calls @ 10p/min
Validity:30 days

IDEA exclusively launches new 3G Data Plan for prepaid subscribers in Delhi & NCR

IDEA has launched new "3G Data Plan" worth Rs.1250 for its 3G prepaid customers of Delhi & NCR circle. With the latest 3G Data Plan, customers can enjoy data usage up-to 10 GB at very reasonable price.

Detail of IDEA Delhi & NCR 3G Data plan:

MRP: Rs. 1250
3G Data usage: 10 GB
Validity:30 days
Recharge type:Topup