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MTS India has Introduced MBlaze Mobile Broadband USB Modems

MTS India promises high speed broadband service to its users. MTS now offers M-Blaze Standard, M-Blaze Premium and MBlaze EVDO (for prepaid users) Mobile Broadband Plans.

MTS has introduced MTS MBlaze EVDO Wireless Broadband Internet Services at its various telecom circles such as Delhi, Calicut, Kochi, Kolkata, Chennai, Jodhpur, Trichy, Siliguri, Bhiwadi, Durgapur, Trivandrum, Patna, Jaipur, and Coimbatore. Details of MTS broadband plans are as follows:
1.) M-Blaze Standard:–
Price: Rs.2999
Free download: 2GB
Speed: 3.1mbps
Upload Speed: 1.8 mbps
In-built memory: 2GB
Plug & Play
2.) M-Blaze Premium:–
Price: Rs.3499
Speed: 3.1mbps
Upload Speed: 1.8 mbps
In-built memory: 2GB
Plug & Play support
Micro SD card slot for Data Storage
Stylish swivel modem for flexible usage
3.) MBlaze EVDO Mobile Broadband Plans for Prepaid Users: - MTS has announced various broadband plans for its prepaid users with free download every month. After free download 50 paisa per MB will be charged.
a) MTS MBlaze Lite:
Monthly Rental: Rs. 198
Free Download: 150 MB
b) MTS MBlaze Half Plan:
Monthly Rental: Rs. 498
Free Download: .5 GB
c) MTS MBlaze1 Plan:
Monthly Rental: Rs. 598
Free Download: 1 GB
d) MTS MBlaze3 Plan:
Monthly Rental: Rs. 798
Free Download: 3 GB
e) MTS MBlaze5 Data Plan:
Monthly Rental: Rs. 898
Free Download: 5 GB
f) MTS MBlaze Night Data Plan
Monthly Rental: Rs. 595
Free Download: 10 GB (from 10pm to 7 am)
Day surfing charges: 50 paisa per MB
g) MTS MBlaze10 Data Plan:
Monthly Rental: Rs. 1200
Free Download: 10 GB
h) MTS MBlaze15 Plan:
Monthly Rental: Rs. 1500
Free Download: 15 GB

You can recharge your MTS mobile online at our website Click here to recharge. Before recharging, please check with the MTS customer care to make sure that the recharge value is applicable for your number.



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