Online Mobile Recharge
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Uninor Announces New ‘Combo Pack’ In Bihar Circle- Offering Unlimited Local Uninor to Uninor Calls, 1 GB 2G Data & Face book/WhatsApp Usage Free

Uninor has announced new ‘Combo Pack’ for its prepaid customers in Bihar circle. Now on recharge of STV 229, Uninor customers can enjoy unlimited Uninor to Uninor Local calls, 1 GB 2G data and face book/whatsapp usage free for 28 days validity.

Details of Uninor New Combo Pack:-

MRP: 229

Benefits: Get Unlimited Local Uninor to Uninor & 700 Minute Local Uninor to Other Calls Free & 1 GB 2G Data & FB/WA Usage Free

Validity: 28 days

Tata Docomo Launches New ‘On-Net Calling Voucher’ In Maharashtra & Goa Circle- Offers 1000 Local Docomo to Docomo Minutes Free

Tata Docomo has launched new ‘On- Net Calling Voucher’ for its prepaid customers in Maharashtra & Goa circle. Now with this new STV 63, Tata Docomo customers can enjoy up to 60000 local Tata Docomo to Tata Docomo seconds free for 30 days validity.

Details of Tata Docomo New On-Net Calling Voucher:-

MRP: 63

Benefits: Get 60,000 Local On-Net (Tata Docomo to Tata Docomo) seconds free (1000 minutes) And Post free usage all local calls at 10p/ min.

Validity: 30 days

Aircel Introduces New 'Pocket Internet Pack' In Punjab Circle- Offering Unlimited Whats App Plus Face book Data Usage Free

Aircel has introduced new 'Pocket Internet Pack' for its prepaid customers in Punjab Circle. Now with the introduction of this pack, Aircel customers can enjoy unlimited whats app and face book data usage free for 30 days validity.

Details of Aircel New Pocket Internet Pack:-

MRP: 38

Benefits: Get Unlimited Whats app + Facebook Data Usage Free

Validity: 30 days

Reliance Launches New ‘Unlimited Pack’ At Rs.68 In Maharashtra Circle- Offers Unlimited Local Reliance to Reliance Calls Free

Reliance GSM & CDMA has launched new ‘Unlimited Pack’ for its prepaid customers in Maharashtra circle. Now on recharge of Rs.68, Reliance customers can enjoy unlimited local Reliance to Reliance calling free for 30 days validity.

Details of Reliance New Unlimited Pack:-

MRP: 68

Benefits: Get Unlimited Local Reliance to Reliance Calls Free

Validity: 30 days

BSNL Launches New Promotional Data STV In Gujarat & Karnataka Circles- Offers 1 GB 3G Data At Just Rs.68

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched new promotional data STV for its prepaid customers in Gujarat & Karnataka circles. Now with this special STV, BSNL customers can enjoy 1 GB 2G/3G Data usage Free with no speed restriction for 10 days validity.

Details of BSNL New Data STV:-

MRP: 68

Benefits: Get 1 GB 2G/3G Data Usages Free With No Speed Restriction for Data

Validity: 10 days

Note:- This Offer is Valid up to 23 May 2015

Idea Announces New ‘Local/STD Seconds Pack’ In Maharashtra & Goa Circle- Offering 30,000 Local On Net Seconds Free

Idea has announced new ‘Local/STD Seconds Pack’ for its prepaid customers in Maharashtra & Goa circle. Now on recharge of Rs.168, Idea customers can enjoy 30,000 local Idea to Idea seconds free for 28 days validity.

Details of Idea New Local/STD Seconds Pack:-

MRP: 168

Benefits: Get 30,000 Local On Net (Idea to Idea) Seconds Free

Validity: 28 days

Uninor Introduces New ‘Night Data Pack’ In UP East Circle- Offers 1 GB Night Data Browsing Free At STV 29

Uninor has introduced new ‘Night Data Pack’ for its prepaid customers in UP East circle. Now on recharge of STV 29, Uninor customers can enjoy night data browsing free up to 1 GB for 7 days validity.

Details of Uninor New Night Data Pack:-

MRP: 29

Benefits: Get 1 GB Night Data Browsing Free (Applicable Time 11PM to 6:59AM)

Validity: 7 days

Idea Exclusively Offers ‘Magic Recharge’ in Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh Circle - Get Surprise Talk Time b/w Rs.110 to Rs.150 on RC 120

Idea has offered ‘Magic Recharge’ of amount 120 for its prepaid customers in Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh circle. With this recharge Idea customers can get surprise talk time between Rs.110 to Rs.150 with unlimited validity.

Details of New Idea Magic Recharge:

MRP: 120

Talk-time: Get Surprise Talk Time between Rs. 110 to 150

Validity: Unlimited

Aircel Launches New Affordable ‘Local Calling Voucher’ In Mumbai Circle- Offering On Net & Off Net Local Seconds Free

Aircel has launched new affordable ‘Local Calling Voucher’ for its prepaid customers in Mumbai Circle. Now on recharge of Rs.197, Aircel customers can enjoy local on net (Aircel to Aircel) & off net (Aircel to Other) seconds free for 28 days validity.

Details of Aircel New Local Calling Voucher:-

MRP: 197

Benefits: Get 144000 Local Seconds Free (120000 on net seconds + 24000 off net Seconds)

Validity: 28 days

BSNL Announces New Promotional ‘Extra Talk Time’ Top Up Voucher In Gujarat Circle- Offers Extra Value Talk Time With Unlimited Validity

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced new promotional ‘Extra Talk Time’ top up voucher for its prepaid customers in Gujarat circle. Now with this new voucher, BSNL customers can enjoy extra value talk time in their main account with unlimited validity.

Details of BSNL New Extra Talk Time Voucher:-

MRP: 300

Talk Time: 330

Validity: Unlimited

Note:- This offer is valid up to 31/03/2015