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Tata Docomo More Than Full Talktime Offer for 2G & 3G Customers of Rajasthan

Tata Docomo Platinum Recharge of Rs. 410 is a more than full talktime voucher available for 2G & 3G prepaid customers of Rajasthan. On recharging for Rs. 410, Tata Docomo 2G & 3G prepaid customers can enjoy more than full talktime of Rs. 450.

Tata Docomo New STVs for New Subscribers of Maharashtra and Goa - STV35, STV61, STV57 & STV152

Tata docomo has introduces a buddle of four new STVs of Rs. 35, 61, 57 and 152 for its new subscribers of Maharashtra and Goa circles. Under these STVs, Tata docomo new subscribers can make all calls at 1.2 paisa per second tariff rate. They can also enjoy talktime, free data download, free SMS and much more.

Tata Docomo Introduces Roaming Pack- STV JOY 37 for Karnataka Prepaid Customers

Tata Docomo was charging 1.5 paisa per second during roaming from August 25, 2011. But now its giving some relief to its customers by introducing STV JOY 37 for Karnataka. On recharging Rs. 37, customers will be charge 1 paisa per second tariff rate on all on-net incoming calls during roaming.

Tata Docomo Introduces New Special Tariff Voucher for Prepaid Customers in Mumbai

Tata Docomo has launched a new Special Tariff Voucher for its prepaid customers in Mumbai circle. Tata Docomo customers can avail the new STV at Rs. 120 and enjoy 275 free local and STD minutes for 30 days.

Tata Docomo Heated Tariff Hiking & Hikes Roaming Tariff Also

Tata Docomo has heated the tariff hiking league and come up with new news in tariff hiking. Earlier Tata Docomo and other operators have increased the base tariffs only. But Tata Docomo has also increased the roaming tariffs.

Tata Docomo Launches New STV 78 for Prepaid Customers- 786 Free Local On Net Minutes!

Tata Docomo has come with a new STV 78 to celebrate the holy festive season. On STV 78, Tata Docomo offers 786 free local on net minutes to their customers.

Tata Docomo Increased Tariff Rates In Tamil Nadu & Chennai

Like Karnataka circle, Tata Docomo has also increased the tariff rates in Tamil Nadu and Chennai telecom circles.

Tata Docomo Launches New STD Tariff Vouchers for Karnataka Prepaid Customers

Tata Docomo has launched three new STD Tariff Vouchers for prepaid customers in Karnataka telecom circle. Tata Docomo has launched STD Tariff Vouchers with denominations Rs. 26, Rs. 98 and Rs. 196.

Tata Docomo Launches New SMS Pack for Prepaid Customers in UP West

Tata Docomo has launched a new SMS Pack for its prepaid customers in UP West. Customers can avail the new SMS Pack at Rs. 11 and enjoy 120 free local and National SMSes per day. 1st local/ National SMS will be charged at standard rates.

Tata Docomo New STV 999 for Prepaid Customers in Gujarat- Free Seconds with 365 Days Validity!

Tata Docomo has come with new STV 999 for its prepaid customers in Gujarat telecom circle. Tata Docomo customers can now avail 219000 seconds with 365 days validity.